Crunch Nuts and Crunch Mix also come in the chip brand's classic Nacho Cheese flavor.
doritos crunch nuts and mix
Credit: Courtesy of Doritos

While many of us prefer authenticity over artificially-flavored junk food, there are a few products that get a special exemption. From McDonald's French fries to Chick-fil-A sandwiches to Oreo cookies to, in this case, the irresistible crunch and flavor of Doritos chips. But what if you're in the mood for Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch and yet NOT in the mood for a corn chip or a whole dang Taco Bell taco? The Frito-Lay brand just solved your conundrum by creating Crunch Nuts.

The rather abruptly-named snacks are, essentially, peanuts wrapped in a crispy chip shell and powdered with the Doritos flavors you know and love. The result is a super-crunchy and nutty snack that's definitely in line with other poppable bar foods like peanuts and potato chips, while also providing a bit of a curveball texture to the familiar Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch taste you've come to only expect in fried triangles.

The Crunch Mix versions include the Crunch Nuts alongside pretzel nuggets, corn puffs, corn sticks, and "3-D triangles" (folded corn sticks). These mixes, which a Doritos statement describes as "a multi-sensorial experience," deliver on more of the corny-ness you've probably come to expect from Doritos and are reminiscent of Chex Mixes and the like. Below are some of our staff's reactions.

"Any delivery mechanism for Cool Ranch flavor is welcome in my book."

"Snack Mix is def something I’d eat on a long road trip."

"These should definitely be on offer at movie theaters."

"I love Chex mix and I love Doritos, so.... I'm very fine with it."

"They taste exactly like you'd think Cool Ranch peanuts would taste."

Beyond the nostalgic flavor, the packaging of both products is also rather endearing. The geometrically scored paper pouches fold open easily once you rip off the top strip, they stand up on their own, and they even fold closed once again thanks to a slot that's meant to have one of the open corners tucked into it. Each three-ounce package is about two serving sizes, so these Doritos products aren't nearly as overwhelming or easy to overindulge in as a Family Size bag of chips. Crunch Nuts and Crunch Mix are set to retail for $1.99 and can be found in stores this week.