We tried the red-hot flavor hitting store shelves this month.
doritos blaze new flavor for this year
Credit: Courtesy of Frito-Lay

When it comes to Doritos, there used to be just two camps: Cool Ranch aficionados and Nacho Cheese devotees (unless you're an OG Taco Flavor fan). But now the Frito-Lay-owned corn chip brand sports an impressive 14 flavors to crunch on with a 15 on the way tomorrow. Doritos Blaze are spicy, red-hued chips that deliver on the current trend of mouth-tinglingly hot snacks like Hot Cheetos and Takis.

Launching on stores shelves as of January 4, this new Doritos flavor—sold in purple packaging with flames and thermal imaging handprints on the label—doesn’t just deliver on heat. Compared to their Cheetos counterpart or Doritos Flamas, they’re not as tongue-numbingly spicy and also don’t have as much of the lime flavor included in those offerings. We tried the new chips earlier this week and found the flavor to more garlicky and tomato-y with the heat and peppery flavor of jalapaleño hitting our taste buds subtly at first, but growing in intensity thereafter. Combined with the sweet starchiness of the chip itself, the flavor is certainly snack-able for fans of more fiery fare.

While the chips are the familiar yellow color we’ve come to know and love from Doritos, they might also remind Taco Bell diners of the Volcano Taco which sported a red corn tortilla shell and was eventually replaced on the fast food chain’s menu with the Fiery Doritos Locos Taco which has a chili-lime shell.

As far as spicy snacks are concerned, Blaze seems to be on-trend as are its cousins, the aforementioned Flamas, Doritos Spicy Nacho, Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili, Doritos Tapatio, Doritos Jacked Ranch Dipped Hot Wings, Doritos Salsa Verde, and two flavors of Dinamita—Chile Limón and Fiery Habanero—which are corn chips rolled in to tube shapes. There was also a limited-edition Wasabi flavor released at Walmart in 2017. But spicy chips aren't the only trick up this brands sleeve. Late last year Doritos launched Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese flavored peanuts, proving the classic flavors never go out of style.