DoorDash Launches a Monthly Subscription Service That Lets You Avoid Delivery Fees

If you order food at least three times a month, the DashPash membership pays for itself, the delivery service says.

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Do you order a lot of online restaurant delivery? (Don't worry. We know the answer.) Well, good news for DoorDash users. Starting today, you'll have a new option for handling those pesky delivery fees: The ordering platform is launching DashPass – a month subscription service offering free delivery on all orders over $15 for $9.99 per month.

In announcing the new service, DoorDash suggests that the $9.99 pricing "means that a DashPass membership pays for itself with just three orders per month." Though DoorDash's own FAQ page doesn't explicitly state the cost of deliveries, only stating that they "vary by region and restaurant," a Quartz article from last year suggests that delivery fees range from 99 cents to $7.99 per order. Basically, if you use DoorDash regularly, you can probably already crunch the numbers on whether DashPass will save you money or not. But DoorDash also touts that members can "cancel anytime" if the service isn't working out how they like.

Meanwhile, if saving on delivery fees isn't enough, DashPass also comes with a number of other incentives such as "exclusive promotions" like free food and drinks, discounts at participating restaurants, and "more to come!"

Though America's largest online delivery platform, Grubhub, doesn't offer a flat fee package, many other big names in the digital delivery game have tried out monthly subscription plans. For instance, Postmates offers Postmates Unlimited, giving users the options of no delivery fees on orders over $20 for the same flat $9.99 per month. Similarly, UberEats was reportedly toying with the idea of a loyalty program, at least in the U.K., in part to keep up against the British service Deliveroo which offers a single-fee monthly plan for £7.99.

As for DoorDash, the company also announced it has another trick up its sleeve to help you save on delivery fees: free pickup. The brand says it recently began offering the pickup option so you can quickly grab your own orders without any additional fees—no subscription required… though you will, of course, need to leave your house for that.

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