If there’s one food I’m really truly obsessed with, it’s chocolate. So I was horrified to hear that, as Bloomberg News reported earlier this week, the Chocolate Manufacturer’s Association has a petition before the Food and Drug Administration to redefine the definition of chocolate. That chocolate could be made without cocoa butter but with artificial sweeteners and trans fats. Luckily, some major chocolatiers are up in arms. Gary Guittard, the owner of Guittard chocolate, has launched the website dontmesswithourchocolate to register comments for the FDA to ‘save chocolate as chocolate'; the comment period extends through May 25th. Guittard has enlisted other big names, like one of my favorite old-school brands, See’s candy (which, incidentally, is owned by billionaire Warren Buffet, who must be a fan, too). Local chocolatiers are just as furious. “It would be the end of chocolate as we know it,” says my hero, superstar candy maker Jacques Torres.