By Carey Jones
Updated December 03, 2015
Credit: © Rey Lopez

When is a steak not a steak? José Andrés answers that riddle at his new produce focused restaurant with a hulking sandwich we’ll call the beetsteak.

The acclaimed chef launched his fast-casual chain Beefsteak in DC recently, where vegetables take center stage in bowls, salads, and some more novel interpretations. This summer, the Beefsteak Tomato Burger — where the patty’s replaced with a huge, juicy hunk of fresh tomato — was a best-seller. For the fall? “Building on the popularity of our Beefsteak Tomato Burger, we wanted to create a new seasonal version that honored this idea of rethinking the burger,” says exec chef Pat Peterson. “We did various rounds of R&D with fall vegetables and we fell in love with marinated beet sandwich.”

The bread: A vegan olive brioche bun, sourced from a local bakery.

The filling: This big steak o’ beet (which José dubs #theotherredmeat) marinates in red wine vinegar, salt, thyme and black pepper — all piled on the bun with pickled red onion, sprouts, and romaine. Assorted veggie chips round out the plate.