Donald Trump’s Head As Familiar Foods Is Quite Unappetizing

Photo: © imgur

If the idea of Donald Trump running a country terrifies you more than anything in the world, then you haven't seen Donald Trump's head in Spam form.

Our president-elect has fallen victim to a vicious, albeit hilarious Reddit thread that photoshops a certain notoriously unflattering picture of Trump (and his chins) onto a range of people and things.

The results have varied from notable figures in pop culture to a melting candle, but one of the most common photo-altering choices is food.

Here are just a few of our favorite creations:

Trump Sausages: links that aren't part of a fence between the US and Mexico

Trump Ice Cream: a nod to this TIME magazine cover, we're sure

Banana Trump: your daily serving of potassium and angry Tweets

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