Credit: © Win McNamee/Getty Images

McDonald’s-loving Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump isn’t putting down the Big Mac any time soon.

After taping an appearance on Dr. Oz yesterday (airing today), an audience member revealed that the business mogul-turned-politican likes fast food because he knows "[what] they are putting in it.”

The same, ironically, can’t be said about Trump’s wavering opinions on public policy. Everything he says is a surprise, though we’ll reserve our thoughts for a different time and place.

Trump's Oz appearance comes on the heels of Hillary Clinton's recent health scare. The Democratic presidential candidate was visibly suffering from pneumonia during a 9/11 ceremony, but released her extensive medical history earlier this week.

People reports that the Oz broadcast will also reveal Trump's weight of 236 pounds and his desire to lose 15 to 20 pounds. Allegedly, the 70 year-old tells the famous doctor that making hand gestures during campaign events has been a form of exercise and that he "feel[s] as good today as [he] did when [he] was 30.”

If you are what you eat, he's clearly full of crap.