The actor/rapper chatted with the Scout about their shared love of Thin Mints on 'The Late Show.'
Credit: Getty Images / Kevin Winter

If your pantry and wallet aren’t already telling the story, it’s Girl Scout Cookie season. Whether you like your Thin Mints and Samoas in coffee form, as a breakfast cereal, or just in their classic iteration, it’s the most wonderful time of the year for cookies outside of Christmas. So it’s no wonder that Charity Harrison would become a viral sensation for her unique sales pitch. In a video her father posted to Facebook, the adorable saleswoman is heard singing Childish Gambino’s hit “Redbone” with the lyrics re-focused on cookies. Last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Donald Glover (the artist behind the song/stage name) repaid his fan’s devotion by buying out the rest of her sales goal for the season.

Glover appeared on Colbert’s late night show to promote the third season of his Emmy-winning television series Atlanta, as well as to discuss his recent Grammy win for "Redbone," a track off of his album of the year nominee “Awaken My Love,” released under his Childish Gambino persona. Colbert made sure to ask Glover how he felt about the scout’s video, with the actor and rapper joking "Childish Gambino is for the children," and then admitting “It's beautiful. But it's also crazy to me... I never was like 'I'll make this and then one day a little girl will sell Girl Scout cookies to it.' It's pretty great.”

Colbert then surprised Glover with a pair of special guests: Harrison and her father Seymour. Just before their entrance, Glover had expressed interest in buying cookies from Harrison and, as luck would have it, she came bearing an order form. Upon learning that Harrison needed to sell 113 boxes to reach her sales goal for the season, Glover offered "I'll take them all." Of course, nobody likes to talk about Thin Mints for too long without actually getting to eat them, but Glover and the studio audience wouldn't have to wait a couple of weeks for some cookies to arrive. To cap off the heartwarming moment, Colbert produced a basket of Thin Mints for Harrison and Glover to pass out to everyone.