The shorts are part of a five-video series promoting his new sneaker line.

By Bridget Hallinan
Updated April 19, 2019
Donald Glover
Credit: Rich Fury/Getty Images

If you’ve visited Donald Glover’s (A.K.A. Childish Gambino's) Instagram lately, you’ll notice there are only 10 posts—among them, a promo for his new movie Guava Island, a clip from the “Feels Like Summer” music video, and most recently, five videos that were posted in the last day. “1985,” “Timber,” “Avocado,” “Polenta,” and “Dusty” are all short films that coincide with the launch of “Donald Glover Presents,” a collaboration between Adidas and Glover that “reimagines three classic Adidas styles, the Nizza, the Continental 80, and the Lacombe,” according to Adidas. Each film, directed by Ibra Ake, stars Glover and comedian-actress Mo’Nique—and in “Avocado” and “Polenta,” we get to see a little culinary action.

“Polenta” kicks off in what looks like a restaurant kitchen, with Glover in a tux and Mo’Nique in a dress, lamenting “I can’t. I can’t do it with this bougie food at these fancy things.” She pokes fun at the pickled daikon glaze and Japanese polenta dishes on the island, saying “Japanese polenta? Lord, they’re trying to take away grits too.” She then asks Glover to hand her a box, and makes her own grits at the stove while he dubiously sniffs the polenta. Once Glover tries the grits, he praises how viscous they are—prompting her to tease his overreaching vocabulary.

In “Avocado,” on the other hand, Glover and Mo’Nique are dressed as beekeepers. We see Glover scraping honey off a frame into a bucket, when Mo’Nique comes in and says “this does not look like sourwood honey, it’s too dark.” She asks him what it says on the side, and he says “avocado”—which, means, she points out in exasperation, that he’s working with avocado blossom honey, not sourwood. As a result, she tells him to pour the honey down the drain. (Yes, that's all there is to it. We didn't say they weren't weird.)

Throughout the videos, you also get glimpses of the shoes, which Glover is wearing. If you're interested, they’ll be available “globally” on April 26, per Adidas. The Lacombe costs $90; Nizza, $80; and Continental 80s $100. Preview them here.