By Mike Pomranz
Updated September 15, 2015
Credit: © Do Eat

ome ideas seem so crazy they’ll probably only find a home on Kickstarter. One such idea: edible plates. And sure enough, two young Belgian designers have turned the concept into a Kickstarter.

If people want edible plates, these ones—called Do Eat—seem perfect. The dishware is “made from a matter composed of potato starch and water” and then “covered with an innovating waterproofing substance, guaranteed 100 % healthy and natural.” They supposedly can stand up to liquids—soups hot and cold—as well as warm recipes and, for some reason, specifically chocolate mousses. You can also customize your plates with natural edible ink and, (because we live in modern times), they’re gluten-free.

Do Eat is not necessarily meant to replace regular washable plates, but they are an eco-friendly alternative to regular disposable plates. Since they are made from potato starch and water, they are completely biodegradable. So in lieu of eating them, you can also make them “vanish” with a bit of water.

However, the question is, in a world where we even have edible underwear, if there were a market for edible plates, shouldn’t they be here by now? That said, I’m sure whoever invented edible underwear pitched that idea to a lot of people before someone took him seriously. If only there were Kickstarter back then …