By Mike Pomranz
Updated March 22, 2016

Who hasn’t, in one of their weaker moments, gone a little crazy at an all-you-can-eat buffet: maybe filling a plate a bit too full or going back for unnecessary thirds? But most of us have never gone global-viral-video-crazy like a group of Chinese tourist caught using plates to shovel shrimp at a hotel buffet in Thailand.

Just why these tourists were so enamored with this seafood has been lost in translation (speculation, on Reddit at least, is a simple lack of respect for local customs), but the video and photos of the aftermath are clear. The video shows hordes of people piling up full plates of prawns, many of which, as seen in photos from after the tourists left, went uneaten, according to the South China Morning Post.

The video has gone viral both around the world and in the tourists’ home country of China, where many people condemned the behavior and called it a disgrace. The footage even gained the attention of the Chinese state media. “What a waste,” the People’s Daily said on Twitter.

If you want to avoid an international incident next time you visit a buffet, here are a few simple rules. First, the thing you use to serve yourself food and the thing you eat food off of should be two separate things. Second, never put more on your plate than everyone at your entire table can eat; that’s just excessive. And third, always glance around for cameras. You’re gross; you know it. Protect yourself, your identity and your country’s pride.