The pizza chain is teaming up with some very smart technology.

dominos ifttt
Credit: Courtesy of Domino's / Getty Images

How many times have you forgotten to turn off the sprinklers because the pizza delivery dude was coming? Or forgotten to vacuum up the living room for your pizza party? Or forgotten to tell Alexa to play your pizza-eating mixtape while you chow down on a cheese slice? Not often? Well, regardless, technology is here to rescue you from all of those situations. Domino’s has teamed up with IFTTT, an app management platform, to link their ordering technology with the rest of your smart home.

That means that when you order a pizza via Domino’s Pizza Tracker software, the impending pizza delivery could trigger your irrigation system to turn off (because nobody wants a wet pizza), your music system to turn on, and your robotic vacuum to ready the rugs.

"We understand how much people love using Domino's Tracker, not only to know where their order is in the preparation and delivery process, but also to plan around that much-anticipated pizza arrival," Domino’s senior vice president and chief digital officer Dennis Maloney said in a press release. "And now we're empowering customers to unleash their imagination as they create new ways to integrate some of our favorite innovations, like Domino's Tracker, into their everyday lives. Thanks to the endless possibilities of IFTTT Applets, customers will be more connected than ever."

According to their website, IFTTT (and acronym for “If this, then that”) is essentially an orchestra conductor for all of your phone apps and smart-enabled technology, that will allow you to program relationships (which they call Applets) between various services and devices. Applets can be as simple as “turn off my ringer when I arrive at work” and “natively post all my Instagram photos on Twitter” to more complex functions, which Domino’s is investing in, like turning on your porch lights when a pizza is about to be delivered.

Frankly, this technology would have a number of tech-savvy applications including unlocking and re-locking your door when meal kit is delivered or making sure your sprinklers don’t down an Amazon delivery drone. Or, if you're a little more cautious, maybe just tell IFTTT to shut your smart blinds to so nobody can watch you polish off a large pie on your own.