As if the collaborative software wasn’t eating up enough of your day, you can now use it to order lunch.

dominos pizza ordering on slack
Credit: Courtesy of Domino's Pizza

For many in corporate America, working in Slack constitutes a major part of the day. For those of you who are familiar with the collaborative software, not only does it not need any introduction, you’re probably feeling specific emotions swelling up inside of you just by hearing its name. Meanwhile, for the uninitiated, Slack is used by companies as an online communication tool. It’s capable of facilitating things like group chats and file sharing, and now, it’s even able to help its users order pizza from Domino’s—because if you can’t do it through Slack, is it really worth doing at all?

Domino’s announced the partnership this morning, with the new ordering feature taking effect ASAP. “Collaboration on a big project can now carry over to collaborating on a team lunch order,” Dennis Maloney, Domino's senior vice president and chief digital officer, said in a statement. “We love to make ordering as easy and convenient as possible, and that includes ordering for the workplace. Now you can organize a group lunch with your coworkers down the hall, all from the comfort of your cubicle.” Comfort of a cubicle indeed!

To try out the new feature, Slack users have to first install the Domino’s ordering app through the Slack App Directory. From there, the pizza chain states, “Team members can either order via a direct Slack message to Domino's or collaborate on a group order in a channel. Customers can also ask for a coupon, which will give them a 20 percent discount on all Slack orders.” Just think of it as a teambuilding exercise that ends with pepperoni.

The ability to order in Slack is merely the latest option as part of Domino’s AnyWare Ordering initiative which also boasts that customers can also now order through options like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, Samsung Smart TV, Tweet, text and more. At this rate, pretty soon Domino pizzas will just be delivered at the simple thought of an order, Minority Report-style. “I didn’t order any pizza,” you’ll say, but you know you want that pizza. Everyone always wants the pizza.