By Adam Campbell-Schmitt
Updated May 12, 2016
Credit: © Sean Proctor/Bloomberg/Getty Images

Pizza is so great, I could it every day. I mean, not that I would. That would be expensive and do unpleasant things to my digestive system, but in my mind a daily pizza would be like a little slice of heaven. Apparently one man in Oregon was living his bliss in just such a way, as he was a regular customer at his local Domino's. So regular, in fact, that when he didn't call in his usual order the staff became alarmed.

The man had regularly ordered pizza from the location for over a decade, but hadn't done so in 11 days, so naturally the manager was worried about their best customer. As the Marion County Sheriff's office posted on their Facebook page Monday, delivery driver Tracey Hamblen went to the customer's house and called in when nobody answered the door. Deputies investigated the residence, and found the victim on the ground calling for help and in need of medical attention. The Sheriff's office publicly thanked Hamblen for his actions and for actually caring about customers. Let that be a warning to you bad tippers out there: be nice to the pizza guy because he might one day save your life!