pizza ring
Credit: © Daivd Parry / Domino's

If you're planning to pop the question today, Domino's Pizza in the UK has a ring boxed up and ready to be delivered to your door. That's right—in honor of Valentine's Day, the company is giving away a 22-carat gold engagement ring to one lucky pizza-lover.

Shaped like a slice of pizza with pepperoni-like bling, this ring isn't for everyone. But as Domino's playfully jokes in its Facebook announcement, it is "the most taste-ful way to seal the deal." We can't help but agree—and some 700-plus commenters do, too.

© Daivd Parry / Domino's

To enter, contestants must be U.K. residents willing to leave a comment on Domino's page. And while you could propose with this pizza-love symbol, being in love is not a requirement to win. In fact, several single pizza fans are going for the gold.

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One commenter wrote, "I'm not getting engaged, but my commitment to pizza is stronger than any love I've felt. Cheese let me win this ring ... not just for me, but as a symbol to all the single ladies sharing their V-Day with a cheesy-based lover."

© Daivd Parry / Domino's

A winner will be selected at random, and the ring will be delivered to his or her door today, according to the official contest rules. But pizza fans don't have to despair if they don't win this delicious-looking delight—there are other yummy treats to be had today. Both Pizza Hut and Papa John's are baking up heart-shaped pizzas, and at California Pizza Kitchen, you can order a meal for two, complete with an appetizer, two entrées and dessert, for $35. Perhaps all this time pizza has been the secret to keeping the romance alive.