The Pizza Checker uses Google AI software to analyze pizzas as they come out of the oven.

When sharing a pizza, two issues tend to be the bane of picky splitters: uneven slicing and unequal topping distribution. Occasionally, these two forces counteract leaving each slice as valuable as the next, and more often than not, someone is going to get stuck with some tiny slice with three-fourths of a pepperoni on it. But now, Domino’s has the solution to this and other pizza problems: a high-tech pizza photographing system that uses artificial intelligence to make sure every pie comes out perfectly.

This past January, we wrote about Dragontail Systems, an Israeli tech company that was working on a then-unnamed project that could analyze all sorts of aspects of the pizza-making process to improve quality control. “The camera takes a picture automatically when the pizza comes out of the oven and it analyses the pizza using a mathematical model,” company CEO Ido Levanon explained. “First the quality of the dough, quality of the cheese and then it compares it to the color and texture of what it is supposed to look like. If it doesn't look like it's supposed to then it alerts staff right there on the spot.” At the time, the company, which also has an office in Australia, was testing the system out at a single Sydney pizza shop with the hope of bagging a larger brand.

Well, Dragontail bagged one of the biggest names out there. Domino’s grabbed a 12-month global exclusivity agreement for the system, now called the Pizza Checker, and will begin rolling it out in locations in Australia next year. The Australia site said the system will also eventually show up “overseas,” though exactly where and when wasn’t stated.

“It will dramatically improve the quality and consistency of handmade pizzas—cooked and cut to perfection,” said Don Meij, chief executive of Domino’s Australia. He also boasted about Pizza Checker’s pedigree, which utilizes artificial intelligence designed by Google. “Dragontail is the pioneer but it has been a joint collaboration,” he explained. “The other partner in this is Google AI software which allows companies like Dragontail and Domino’s to develop products more cost effectively rather than having a machine learning from scratch.” Yup, Google is even involved in making your pizzas now!