The app feature will allow hungry pizza lovers to get pies without an actual address.
Credit: wundervisuals/Getty Images

Ordering pizza is normally a straightforward process: You call or log on to the app, place your order, give your address, and boom—pizza in 30 minutes (or, okay, more like an hour). But what about when you're at the beach or hanging out in your favorite grassy meadow at the park and your stomach starts sending those pizza pangs to you brain? You just put that blanket down and you're not about to give up that prime suntanning spot! Don't despair, because Domino's has you covered with new "hotspots," high traffic locations that don't have traditional addresses.

Starting today, the app recognizes over 150,000 of these hotspots nationwide. They include beaches and parks, as well as sports fields and other area hangouts or landmarks that have been determined by local Domino's stores. Users of the app just need to find a hotspot near their location and prepay for the order, then provide instructions for the driver to more easily locate them. But while it'd be ideal for the delivery person to come find you in the middle of a crowded beach, you will need to meet them at a designated hotspot location to grab your order.

"We listened to customers and their need for pizza delivery to locations without a traditional address," Russell Weiner, president of Domino's USA, said in a statement. "Now customers spending time at some of our new Domino's Hotspots locations, like Tommy Lasorda Field of Dreams in Los Angeles or even next to the James Brown statue in Augusta, Georgia, can have a pizza conveniently delivered to them, thanks to our innovative Domino's Delivery Hotspots."

Indeed, the locations of Domino's new hotspots are rather specific, yet varied. Based on a cursory search of the Hotspots Locator around our offices, we found parks, hospitals, public transit hubs, and even a police station listed as possible pizza dropoff points. (Hey, when you're cleared of charges pizza isn't a bad way to celebrate!)

In the burgeoning delivery economy currently sweeping American cities, the hotspots are just another in a series of convenience plays Domino's has made. It also launched ordering via voice, emoji and the Slack app, a workplace communication and chat tool. The chain has also experimented with robotic, driverless delivery, all in the name of more pizza on the move.