Credit: © Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Before you say “Why would I want Domino’s tracking my every movement via GPS?” consider this: They’re doing it for your own good!

On Monday, Domino’s in Australia is unleashing a new feature to their smartphone ordering system that gives customers who order pizzas for pick-up, the option to have Domino’s monitor their location via GPS. Armed with this information, the pizza chain will wait to start cooking your pizza until you are the perfect distance from the store so that when you arrive your pizza will be piping hot, fresh out of the oven. Customers can even perfect the timing by telling the app if they are coming by foot, bike or car. No word on if you can specify how you drive recklessly fast when you’re hangry.

“Time is the enemy of food,” CEO Don Meij was quoted as saying, discussing the new tech. “The longer it sits on the rack, the lower the quality of that pizza.” Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Chief Digital Officer Michael Gillespie also chimed in, stressing that customers are only tracked during their order and only for the purpose of achieving the perfect pie.

Of course, the inherent flaw in this system is that you still have to get the pizza home, which means it’s just going to get cold then anyway. But maybe Domino’s can advise you on just how cold your pizza will be by the time you get home since they know exactly where you liv— Wait. NEVER MIND.