By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 06, 2016
Credit: © Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Domino’s Australia has learned a very important lesson: If you’re going to screw someone over by charging them for a pizza delivery order that never shows up, make sure that guy doesn’t have a law degree.

According to Consumerist, the incident began back in April 2015 when Sydney-based lawyer Tim Driscoll ordered Domino’s for himself and his mates. The AUS $37.35 order of three pizzas, garlic bread and soda never arrived, to which the manager reportedly promised a full refund. However, a year later, the Aussie said the pizza chain had still not fulfilled that promise, so he decided to finally put his law degree to good use, suing the restaurant to get his money back. Apparently, Domino’s failed to show up for the proceedings, leading a court to award the pizza-less lawyer the equivalent of about $910 (US dollars) to cover his legal fees on top of the money he paid for his pies. Keep in mind, when you are the lawyer, your “legal fees” are actually profit – so, yeah, he made out okay.

As for why he took the matter this far, the lawyer gave a very lawyerly response. “I don’t like to be taken lightly, I suppose, in any of these kinds of matters,” he told 3AW Radio. “It was a bit embarrassing having my friends there and no food to give them, so it was a bit of a personal insult. I just kept fighting. I’ve always been a battler.”

Of course, it’s good to see someone standing up for the little guy. Though to be fair, if he really cared about what his friends thought of him, he wouldn’t have ordered Domino’s to begin with. I realize that Australia isn’t somewhere like New York, Chicago or Naples – but come on… Sydney is a pretty cosmopolitan city. Maybe Domino’s can countersue arguing that if they’re the best pizza place you can think of, you deserve what you get.