By Noah Kaufman
Updated February 11, 2015
Credit: © Nutella / Ferrero U.S.A

“Nutella has an emotion that brings me right back to my childhood,” says Cronut creator and reigning World’s Greatest Pastry Chef Dominique Ansel. And he’s going to bring a lot more people back to theirs with yet another new and limited edition dessert: the Nutella Pancake Cone. Following last year’s Nutella Cronut Hole insanity (which prompted seemingly half of NYC to skip work to go wait in line for one), Ansel is once again working with the makers of Nutella to hand out free treats, this time to coincide with International Pancake Tuesday on February 17.

The cones themselves are made from a pancake batter Ansel only uses at home right now—he has nothing similar at his SoHo bakery and to the best of our knowledge doesn’t have any commercial pancake plans, so this could be your one and only opportunity to get a pancake from the James Beard Award winner.

He’ll be handing them out at Vanderbilt Hall at New York’s Grand Central Station starting at 11am next Tuesday and we fully expect the event to have the typical crowds that follows Ansel’s creations wherever they go. So show up early—he’ll be making 2000 of the cones, limited to two per person (Ansel thought only one would shortchange people willing to wait for an hour in the middle of a Tuesday).

If you miss out on the pancake cones though, other chefs will be there churning out pancakes until 4 p.m., so there will be something for everyone.

And if you can’t be in New York at all we’ve got something for you too: Ansel was nice enough to share his pancake recipe so you can try your hand at making your own Nutella cones. And don’t worry. It doesn’t take the professional acumen that his Cronut recipe requires.

Dominique Ansel’s Perfect Pancake

Makes 20 four-inch pancakes


  • 2 1/4 cups All- Purpose Flour
  • 1 Tbsp Baking Powder
  • 1/3 cup Sugar
  • 1 1/2 tsp Salt
  • 1 Tbsp Honey
  • 3 each Eggs
  • 2 cups Milk
  • 1/3 c Melted Butter


1. Combine All-Purpose flour, baking powder, salt and sugar in a bowl.

2. Stream in milk, while whisking.

3. Combine eggs and honey, then stream into the mixture while whisking.

4. Stir melted butter in until mixture looks smooth.

5. Pour into lightly greased, preheated griddle. Alternatively, you can pour into lightly greased molds and bake in the oven at 350F.

6. When ready to serve, simply spread layer of Nutella on top of each pancake.