By Noah Kaufman
Updated September 30, 2014
Photo courtesy of Lawrence Marcus

Dominique Ansel is one of the most creative pastry chefs of the past decade. And yes, he is a master of food that’s not only delicious, but unquestionably viral. Less known however, is that for years Ansel has been putting phenomena like the Cronut craze to use for the public good through his philanthropic endeavors. This Sunday, he’s partnering with Baileys to present a boozy dessert for a good cause.

Ansel will offer a special version of his popular Milk and Cookie Shot at his bakery on October 5. He’ll swap out the chocolate chip cookie for a dark chocolate, cherry-frosted version, and sub Baileys chocolate-cherry liqueur for the milk. As always, the line will be out the door and around the block.

But this time, instead of selling the one-time offering, they’ll be free, and Ansel and Baileys will make a donation to a nonprofit called 100 Good Deeds for each shot given away.

Inspired by the story of a Haitian girl who put beads on her shoelaces every time she did something good, 100 Good Deeds works with women in impoverished countries to help them create bracelets, which the organization markets. Besides providing a business opportunity for the women, the bracelets may be a reminder to wearers to pay it forward. Ansel discovered 100 Good Deeds last year when he and the group were both honored at the Tribeca Disruptive Innovators Awards.

If free desserts aren’t enough to entice would-be cookie shot eaters, on Sunday there will be free in-line entertainment from street artists and musicians. Ansel says there also will be butler service serving what sound like pretty decadent snacks, including lobster, caviar and black truffles, to those waiting in line.

If you want to save a spot, go here. You’ll probably want to hurry, as spots are limited and everything from Ansel’s bakery tends to get eaten up rather quickly.