The series of pastry-filled events sell out fast, but you can still order the pies online if you don't score a reservation.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated August 28, 2017
Dominique Ansel Kitchen

Yes, it's true that on the Dominique Ansel Kitchen website, it explicitly states in the upper right-hand corner, "No Reservations Taken." So when Ansel does give you the opportunity to make a reservation, you take it. For six nights only in September, the famed New York City bakery will be hosting its annual "Pie Night" event. These evenings allow patrons unlimited access to nine different pies—both savory and sweet—as well as ice cream (for those who prefer their pies a la mode), mulled wine and "a special treat to take home on your way out" for $50 a head.

These Pie Nights will take place on Wednesday and Thursday nights next month starting on Wednesday, September 13. But before you start marking your calendar, the bakery warns, "Tickets sell out FAST, so be sure to register for a Resy account, be signed in, and have your credit card information already on file in advance for faster check-out." Those tough to score reservations go on sale today, Monday, August 28, at 12pm ET with a maximum of six tickets per person. The direct link to the ticket system is

Dominique Ansel Kitchen

Originally launched in 2015, Pie Night began somewhat unintentionally, according to Ansel. "A few years ago, our team went apple picking in New Jersey during the fall and ended up getting about 200 pounds of apples—a little bit more than we anticipated!" he told The Daily Meal. "So we decided to hold a small event where we'd make different pies and invite our customers to come eat pies with us." Though the pastry chef hasn't tipped his hat on what pies to expect this year, he did say each year features a brand new menu. Past favorites have included a savory Black Forest Ham & Fontina Pie and a sweet Chocolate Horchata Pie.

Didn't secure a reservation? Don't completely fret. Ansel says the pies will also be for sale on the bakery website for pickup in the store. "If you aren't able to make it to Pie Night or you really loved a pie that you tried at Pie Night, you can order one to bring home," he said. Hell, why wait for Pie Night at all? The aforementioned Black Forest Ham & Fontina Pie and Chocolate Horchata Pie from previous Pie Nights are already up for sale on the site right now!