And he’s giving it away for free.
OREO spread
Credit: Courtesy of Ben Hider / OREO

If you grew up in America, there’s very little chance your childhood didn’t include enjoying at least one of Oreo’s classic chocolate and crème sandwich cookies (sorry, Hydrox). But if you’re renowned pastry chef Dominique Ansel who grew up in France, you didn’t eat your first Oreo until much later in life.

"I tried my first Oreo cookie just a few years ago, actually. It wasn’t something I grew up with in France, and it wasn’t until a few years after I came here to the U.S. that I even tasted one," Ansel tells Food & Wine via an email. "I was told you have to eat them with milk, so I did and I loved the way that it melted. I loved the dunk. And then I learned that there are few different ways to eat them, some people dunk them into milk, some just bite into them, some twist the top off first. It’s almost like a ceremony or a ritual - the traditions of eating them is really intriguing.

Luckily, as with most people and Oreo cookies, the love affair was instant. And when Oreo announced their #MyOreoCreation contest (which allows fans to submit their own flavor ideas), Ansel didn’t let his status as the youngest ever World’s Best Pastry Chef disqualify him from participating. Chef Ansel has created a decadent Oreo Cookie spread, made from dark chocolate ganache and infused with cookie crumbles. But this wouldn’t be an Oreo without crème filling, so in the middle of the jar you’ll find a layer of milk ganache as well. "I knew that I wanted to play with the textures but to keep the flavor, so I came up with a layered spread which still resembles the Oreo cookie but has creamy, smooth chocolate ganache layers with a silky, milky ganache in the center," Ansel explains.

Dominique Ansel
Credit: Courtesy of Ben Hider / OREO

We also asked Ansel how best to enjoy his creation. "There are lots of ways. You can eat it layer by layer or mix it up, spread it onto crepes, classic white bread or soft brioche, with some shortbread cookies, or with a bowl of fresh summer strawberries."

The limited-edition Oreo Cookie Spread will be available at Dominique Ansel Bakery in SoHo on Saturday June 10th beginning at 8 a.m. and Sunday June 11th beginning at 9 a.m. The best part? It’s free. Just get there before they run out!

Ansel, of course, is the mind behind many weird and wonderful treats including the famous Cronut, burrata ice cream, a floating cake inside a baloon, a frozen s’more, and even an amazingly addictive breakfast cereal.

And Oreo itself has been the subject of nearly as many unique mash-ups, including Oreo churros, Oreo bagels and insane flavors ranging from Jelly Doughnut to Waffles & Syrup to Swedish Fish. And if that’s not enough snacking for you, ‘90s kid favorite Oreo O’s cereal is making a comeback, too.

The crazy flavors and other Oreo-fied product ideas are actually the point of the My Oreo Creation contest, which was launched with the popping candy-filled Fireworks Oreos earlier this year. The winning Oreo flavor or product idea will earn you $500,000 and a chance to see your idea come to life in stores across the country.

Just don’t submit “Oreo spread.” That one’s taken.