Dolly Parton albums are plastered all over the restroom of this retro Brooklyn dive bar. 

By Mike Pomranz
Updated January 02, 2020

Not long ago, a trendy concept for new bars was to unofficially theme your establishment after a celebrity – like Will Ferrell, Tim Burton, and George Costanza. As if often the case with these sorts of things, the trend died off. (The fact that Stay Classy—the Will Ferrell bar and a prominent example of the trend—couldn’t stay in business probably didn’t help the movement.) But in a tough bar scene, it’s hard to keep a good publicity opportunity down, and now, a new bar has opened in Brooklyn that offers a firm nod to singer Dolly Parton.

Dolly Parton
Credit: Ed Caraeff/Morgan Media/Getty Images

To be fair, Dolly’s Swing & Dive—which opened in Williamsburg on Friday—is more than a one-trick pony. According to Timeout New York, “Dolly” is also the childhood nickname of artist Teresa Brown who helped design the space. Still, with Dolly Parton seeing a major resurgence recently—with the help of her Netflix show Heartstrings and working with Galantis on the new dance song “Faith”—owners Raffaello Vancouten and Devin Schuck apparently decided throwing in a dose of Dolly Parton couldn’t hurt.

Dolly's Swing & Dive Bar Brooklyn
Credit: Nick Marrone

The primary Parton tribute takes place in the bathroom, which is wallpapered with the covers of her classic LPs. Beyond that, the rest of the vibe is more about female empowerment, music, and retro vibes in general: The paintings on the walls are classic portraits of women, and the old-school jukebox plays compact discs like the kind you might have seen during Dolly’s heyday.

Saloon-style barstools add a bit of a country touch, as well. “Devin and I took all the things we love most about a dive bar, like the boisterous attitude and cheap drinks, and made it just a little more grown up,” Vancouten was quoted as saying.

Dolly's Swing & Dive Bar Brooklyn
Credit: Nick Marrone

So in the end, no, Dolly’s is not a Dolly Parton-themed bar. But it certainly isn’t shy about showing off its appreciation of the singer. And if you’re looking for a place where you’ll never get glares for putting your favorite Dolly Parton song on the jukebox, this new dive has to be one of your best options in Brooklyn.