Disney Shared a 'Dole Whip' Recipe to Enjoy at Home as Theme Parks Remain Closed

First it was churros. Now it's Dole Whip. Can an Alien Pizza Planet pie be far behind?

Disney's theme parks may be closed indefinitely due to the coronavirus outbreak—but in the interim, Mickey and company are doing what they can to slowly turn your own kitchen into the happiest place on Earth… which is great, seeing as your kitchen is about as far as we're all allowed to travel right now.

Earlier this week, the official Disney Parks Blog shared its churro bites recipe for fans to recreate a snack staple. And now, the official Disney Parks app has spilled the beans on another beloved theme park classic: Dole Whip.

Pineapple Soft serve Ice-cream
Pete Ark/Getty Images

Granted, making actual "Dole" Whip at home is inherently tricky. The pineapple-flavored Adventureland soft-serve earned its Dole Whip name because it's made by the Dole Food Company. That helps explain why the Disney Parks app simply refers to the recipe as a "frozen pineapple treat"—but we all know what they mean.

And once you get Dole out of the equation, the recipe is extremely straightforward—playing out more like a mixed drink than any sort of culinary creation. Childhood spoiler alert: You may find yourself wondering what all the fuss was about. Simply take a "big scoop" of vanilla ice cream and blend it with four ounces of pineapple juice and two cups of frozen pineapple. Serve it through your handy "star tipped piping bag" (the same one you used for making churros, of course) and that's it—cones and the Enchanted Tiki Room theme music optional.

"But what about the Dole?" you may be wondering. Well, good news: Salt Lake City's Deseret News points out that you can actually buy Dole Pineapple Soft Serve Mix on Amazon—no questions asked! Alright, granted, it costs about $24, includes 89 servings, and is intended to be used in a soft-serve machine. But hey, you're not going anywhere for a while; maybe it's finally time to invest in that ice cream maker you've been dreaming about.

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