Delicious ways to improve the world.


Food Philanthropy

Double-Duty Hot Sauces

Farmers in Africa plant chiles around fields to deter elephants from trampling the crops; their Elephant Pepper hot sauces fund elephant conservation and agricultural research.

Andean Adventure

Volunteer tours run by Peru’s Marvelous Spatuletail Lodge involve trail-building to protect Incan ruins and hummingbird habitats.

Charitable Baking

Every year, Brown Bag Designs in New Hampshire donates the proceeds from one of its cookie molds to a different charity; this year it’s Heifer International, which helps needy families gain steady sources of food and income.

Candy for a Cure

Profits from Seattle Chocolate Company’s Survivor Chick Chocolate bar in raspberry fund women’s-cancer research.

Grains of Wisdom

Every time a visitor to the website answers a trivia question correctly, sponsors like Unilever and Country Crock donate 20 grains of rice to the UN World Food Programme (they’re up to 40 billion grains and counting).

Virtuous Soda

Students at the Met charter high school in Providence concocted Big Picture Soda as part of their entrepreneurial training; profits from the passion-fruit-flavored drink fund college scholarships.

Bread Alone

Crackly thin za’atar, poppy seed and sesame lavash crackers are a few of the international baked goods from Hot Bread Kitchen, Jessamyn Waldman’s new not-for-profit bakery based in New York’s Long Island City. Waldman employs recent immigrants to the U.S., primarily women, and trains them not only in the art of baking, but also in business management.