The project hides cute pooches in delicious dishes.

dogs in food
Credit: Courtesy of Dogs In Food

We know Instagram is full of beautiful food photos—so many, in fact, there's even a trend of people ruining them. But this hilarious Instagram account is showing us how to do the exact opposite: make food photographs even better. So much better. How? By taking an already pretty good-looking food photo and putting a dog in it. Dogs in Food (@dogs_infood) is probably one of the most delightful uses of photo editing you can imagine.

The account has posted 20 dog/food mashups to date, in the less than three weeks of its existence. It also already has almost 30,000 followers and growing every day. It all started with this picture of a Pomeranian peeking out from inside a cream puff, which is a match made in (all dogs go to) heaven. After all, a Pomeranian is already pretty much just a giant ball of fluff, and a cream puff is basically the pastry version of a ball of fluff. We dare you to look at that face and not smile.

The most liked photo so far is this picture of "Fresh baked chocolate pug cookies," a countertop covered in chocolate chip cookies, one of which just so happens to actually be a pug. It's amazing how well the coloring works, with the little cookie face and chocolate chip ears and snout.

Looking for one to send your significant other this Wednesday to brighten up their Valentine's Day? How bout this poor doggo (or should we say cake pup?) who accidentally ended up stuck in a vase full of Valentine's Day cake pops?

Maybe you're not impressed. Maybe you're thinking, "Okay, those dogs in food are pretty cute, but my dog would be way cuter." First of all, you're probably not wrong—all dogs are super adorable. But let's say you are right: okay, then share it with the world! The Dogs in Food Instagram bio includes an open call for you to DM a request for your own dog in food combination.