Fido’s Tap House offers dogs to adopt, gives 25 percent of profits to charity, and has 40 draft lines.
first dog tap house in the world
Credit: eclipse_images / Getty Images

Cat cafes—the trend that took America by storm about four years ago—are all fine and dandy, but what if you prefer alcohol over caffeine? And what if you’re more of a dog person than a cat person? A forthcoming beer hall and dog shelter opening near Portland, Oregon, is aiming to help those in just such a conundrum, billing itself as the “world’s first dog tap house.”

Fido’s Tap House—which had a soft launch in Tigard last week and is officially slated to open on February 13—is described as “a world class craft beer tap room which ‘fosters’ rescue dogs,” offering 40 draft lines of mostly local craft beer, cider and wine, as well as a menu of pub grub like salads, sandwiches, pizzas and, of course, “Hot Dawgz.” And while the bar circuit is often used as a place to meet a potential significant other, at Fido’s, the bar is instead home to dogs waiting to be adopted, meaning you don’t have to put your beer goggles on: All these barflies are adorable!

Owner and founder Scott Porter said he got the idea after visiting a cat café called Purrington’s. He wanted to do something similar for dogs, but realized that dog owners might have different interests: “When I started researching the demographics for the dogs I was surprised to find that most people that like craft beer, a very high percentage have dogs,” he told KOIN 6 News.

For those worried that alcohol and animals could be an unhealthy mix, Porter has considered this as well. The taproom is separated from the “day room,” which is where patrons go to meet and play with the dogs. “The food would make the dogs go crazy,” Porter told Willamette Week. “And I really don't want to deal with broken glass.” Additionally, tipsy patrons can’t snatch up a pup and regret their decision the next day. “[Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals, which provides the dogs,] won't let anybody adopt while they're here,” he continued. “There's a two or a three step process. But I joke about this: We don't want anybody here with a couple drinks, then you wake up in the morning with a leash in your hand and somebody licking your face.”

But even if you’re more in the market for a fresh craft beer instead of a new pet, Fido’s is still a worthy destination: Porter says 25 percent of all profits will go to local animal charities.