One Twitter user posted video of a golden retriever holding an egg in its mouth and now the entire internet is doing it.
dog egg challenge
Credit: MeePoohyaphoto / Getty Images

An egg is a very delicate thing. Just think about how you treat them, from checking the cartons in grocery store aisles and putting them in separate bags to gently carrying them from carton to counter and even carefully cracking them into a bowl. Now think about other things that are considered gentle. Are golden retrievers one of them? One Twitter user’s family member tried to confirm this notion in a silly dog-meets-egg moment that has now gone viral.

In a video posted to the social media site only a few days ago, user @laurdeyfuss shared an “egg challenge,” to test whether golden retrievers are actually as gentle as some say they are (a trait that plays into the breed's hunting and retrieving background).

During the minute-long video, the owner of an adorable retriever took a single brown egg and placed it in their dog’s mouth. The goal? Find out if their dog’s bite would be light enough to not break the egg. To their elation, it worked. The dog’s mouth very gently clamped around the egg, avoiding cracking it. A further test was the family’s attempt to get the egg out, as the dog moved its head about, refusing to “drop it.” The pet’s new attachment to the egg garnered a few laughs before it was, after much prodding, eventually dropped.

In a matter of a few days, the single video has garnered nearly 225,000 retweets and more than 675,000 likes. It’s also managed to spark a string of videos where other dog owners attempt to test whether their family pet and its breed will be as careful with an egg. The results are mixed, with some successfully carrying out the challenge, others hilariously failing and others simply refusing (or literally unable).

In several videos, the challenge was completed successfully by other golden retrievers, while in others, things didn’t go so mess-free.

Other dog breeds, including retriever mixes, managed to successfully complete the challenge as well.

Meanwhile, some didn’t have mouths even big enough for the egg and others dogs didn’t see the point in biting one at all.

Most of the dogs managed to keep the eggs from cracking in their mouth, proving it’s the dog and not the breed that determines the gentleness of man’s best friend. In the end, it would seem that the real “egg challenge” was in making sure there wasn’t a mess after it was over.