The growing number of wine-based skin-care products use every part of the grape—especially the seeds.

1. Avon's Planet Spa Napa Valley Vineyard collection Avon's first wine-inspired product line includes an exfoliating body polish ($9.50) made from red wine and grapeseed extract; the foot soak ($6.50), designed for at-home pedicures, contains crushed grapeseeds for sloughing away dead skin (

2. 29 Cosmetics In February Lydia Mondavi, wife of Robert Mondavi's grandson Rob, launched this grapeseed-based makeup line named after Napa's main highway. The crushed seeds in the lip scrub are designed to exfoliate and moisturize ($23). The eyeshadows ($38) also pay tribute to wine, with palettes like the purple-hued Napa Grapes (

3. Kneipp This German skin-care line claims that its grapeseed-oil body scrub ($17.50) and massage oil ($18.50) help reduce the appearance of cellulite when used as part of a healthy regimen of diet and exercise (

4. California North's Appellation Spa The bath soak ($29.50) in this vinotherapy line soothes muscles with herbs like sage and grapeseed extracts (