The three-tiered, multilayered cake kit features buttercream icing and can be delivered to your door.
wedding cake done at home
Credit: Courtesy of Chef’d

Author, Food Network star, and creative pastry chef Duff Goldman has teamed up with the subscription-less meal-delivery kit service Chef'd for a DIY pastry line that lets you build your own three-tiered buttercream cake.

First announced by Goldman over Twitter, the new line of kits features an array of delectable desserts, including recipes for cereal crusted french toast, toffee chocolate chip cookies, and the aforementioned cake. A "delicious, moist and light vanilla cake and dreamy vanilla buttercream frosting," it can fit occasions as casual as birthdays and as precious as weddings. In fact, the kit's arrival marks the first-ever DIY wedding cake in a box and can be delivered to your doorstep within a matter of days.

"I love the idea that my fans can order a meal kit curated by me and create something delicious in the comfort of their own home," Goldman said of the new Chef'd line. "It's like I am there cooking with them."

The three-tiered, multi-layered cake kit comes with nearly everything you'll need to throw it together, from the mix and eggs to the cake pan and toolkit, which will help you adorn the towering dessert to meet your custom celebratory needs. You will still need to grab a couple things from your own kitchen though, such as cooking spray and a few bowls, to complete the cake.

Chef'd awards the cake a difficulty level of "hard," but Goldman takes some of the pressure off with this series of videos featuring helpful baking and decorating tips, including how to both frost and prep the cake, as well as how to add fondant.

The entire endeavor will take around 6 hours and can serve up to 30 people. As with most cakes, it's not the most nutritious thing (according to the kit's nutrition label, one slice is equal to 1290 calories), but while it may not be kind to your hips, it will be to your wallet. The average cost of a wedding cake in 2014 was $466, but the entire kit will cost less than half that—just $189.