They may be gone from Starbucks, but you can still whip up one these magical drinks.

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unicorn frap
Credit: © Starbucks

If you weren't able to try Starbucks’ new Unicorn Frappuccino before it left stores, you’re either living under a rock, living near a Starbucks that kept running out, or you just don’t care about Lisa Frank-chic beverages. But if you are still pining to try one of these magically/artificially-colored blended treats, or are distraught at the thought of encountering another one about as often as you’d encounter an actual unicorn, fear not: there’s a way to make Unicorn Frappuccinos in the comfort of your own home.

YouTuber Emmymade in Japan (who has dozens of do-it-yourself recipes for trendy foods including the crust-topped cherry pie Frappuccino and the raindrop cake) breaks down how to make the beautiful-to-look-at and not-as-tasty-as-we’d-hoped drink.

You’ll need vanilla ice cream, white chocolate syrup, a splash of milk and some whipped cream. If all that sounds a little bland and pale, you’re right. So what are the secret ingredients necessarily to take your vanilla Frappuccino from mundane to mythical? Candy and Kool-Aid.

The pink portion of the drink is colored with neon pink food coloring and flavored with some strawberry Baby Bottle Pop candy powder, along with a dash of mango syrup all blended together with ice cubes, ice cream and milk. The sour-tasting blue design on the inside of your cup can be made with that white chocolate syrup, neon blue food coloring, and Kool-Aid’s unsweetened blueberry lemonade flavor. To top if off, you’ll need whipped cream and some reserved blueberry lemonade powder, along with some kind of pink powder—in this case, a beet-based powdered food coloring.

Okay, so you may not have everything you need to replicate this Instagrammable sensation sitting in your pantry right now. But the ingredients are easy to get and you can whip one up for yourself anytime you’d like without irking your barista or suffering through having to say “unicorn” in front of a long line of eye-rolling of customers. And that’s the real magic.