And it's made almost entirely out of cardboard.

By Clara Olshansky
Updated July 07, 2017
oreo cookies and milk vending machine
Credit: Scott Olson / Getty Images

Is there a reason you need a fully functional Oreos and milk vending machine made out of cardboard? Probably not, but that doesn't mean that this DIY project isn't totally delightful. Thanks to Mini Gear, a YouTube channel full of super cool projects, you can now make just that. With a combination of school-friendly craft supplies, like cardboard and hot glue, and some serious DIY components, like mini DC motors and LED lights, you can make yourself your very own Oreos and milk vending machine.

From the outside, the machine definitely doesn't look like an actual piece of technology. The whole cardboard-and-magic-marker look definitely means you won't be winning any design awards. But that just makes it all the more impressive when you see the machine respond to the cardboard "credit card." One part of the device drops down a small pack of Oreos if you insert the card in the Oreo slot. Even more impressive is the milk dispensing part of the machine: if you put the card in the milk slot and hold a glass under a spout, a little LED lights up, and the machine pours you one glass of milk (and stops when the glass is full). Watch the full sixteen minute video for details on how to put the machine together.

After the success of the Oreos and milk machine, Mini Gear even created what's basically a sequel vending machine: one that serves individual Oreos, instead of whole packs. Unlike the Oreos and milk machine, this one works not with a "credit card" but with a smart key that you punch in to get the Oreos.

In fact, Mini Gear is basically the expert at cardboard vending machines that don't look like they should work but totally do. Previous Mini Gear creations have included a coffee machine (with creamer and hot water options), a KitKat vending machine, and a Coke fountain.