The animal rights group also has a massive guide to every vegan food option across the park.
Credit: MediaNews Group/Orange County Re/Getty Images

Disney may have spawned generations of nightmares by offing Bambi’s mom, but there’s been a lot of water under the bridge (or over the log flume) since 1942, and the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals don’t appear to be letting it bother them: PETA has recently named Disneyland “America’s Most Vegan-Friendly Amusement Park.”

“Disneyland has become the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ for young vegans,” PETA Director of Student Campaigns and Influence Rachelle Owen said in the announcement. Specifically, the animal rights organization cited “egg-free Mickey-shaped waffles, vegan gumbo served in a bread bowl, BBQ jackfruit and portobello Philly sandwiches, and vegan sorbet dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkles” as some of the more fun animal product-free items that can be found across the California amusement park.

In fact, Disneyland offers so many vegan options that PETA even put together a video “vegan food tour” starring teen actress and lifelong vegan Aubrey Miller — you know, just in case you wanted to see someone actually eating those vegan Mickey waffles and verbally confirming that “Oh my gosh, that’s so good.”

However, if you really want to be prepared, PETA also published a “handy A to Z guide to finding vegan options at both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park” so you’ll already know what to order when you walk in The Galactic Grill. The massive list truly is comprehensive, and even though some eateries are pretty limited in the extent of their vegan choices (a strawberry fruit bar is the best you can do, Hungry Bear Restaurant?), at least you’ll know where vegan visitors may want to avoid — though PETA points out that Disney allows guests to request that their meals be made vegan, as well.

Meanwhile, what if you’re vegan and like amusement parks, but Disneyland isn’t quite your style? PETA also tossed three parks on its “honorable mentions” list: Cedar Point in Ohio, Epcot in Florida, and Universal Studios Hollywood.