Hopefully, it will include a claw machine filled with little green aliens. 

When Toy Story came out in 1995, it was an instant classic, and if you were a kid seeing it for the first time back then, a couple scenes are probably still stuck in your mind. For me, one of those scenes takes place at Pizza Planet, the combination arcade-pizza restaurant (think a space-themed Chuck E. Cheese), where Woody and Buzz Lightyear get stuck in a machine filled with little green aliens who worship The Claw. It’s just an arcade game that lets kids try to grab toys in exchange for quarters using a claw mechanism (it’s infamously hard to master) but has much more sinister undertones when Sid, the movie’s troubled antagonist, manages to capture both Woody and Buzz. Did my own recollection of that scene stir any nostalgia in you? I hope so, because you’ll soon be able to live out your memories of Toy Story at Disneyland.

The theme park is set to replace Redd Rocket’s Pizza Port in Tomorrowland with a recreation of Pizza Planet. According to Disney News Today, the new restaurant will be called Alien’s Pizza Planet – A Better Place and it's slated to open on April 13. The “Better Place” tagline is probably a reference to where the little green aliens think they are going once they are “chosen” by the claw.

Disney has yet to officially confirm the news, but hopefully, its version of the restaurant will be a little more kid-friendly than the movie’s version. Remember that “whack-a-mole”-type game in the movie, which had kids whacking green, worm-like aliens bursting out the bloodied space suit of an astronaut? Yes, that really does appear in the movie. Or those glowing green aliens which dispensed streams of neon soda from their gaping mouths? Take another look at the Pizza Planet of Toy Story; you might find that it's a little darker than you remember.

While Disney probably can’t prevent crowds of screaming kids from taking over the restaurant, it’s safe to assume that Alien Pizza Planet will be much more brightly lit and cheerful that Pixar’s original imagining of an arcade overrun by hyperactive children.