From carrot cake to "donut-iced," here's how you can get a taste of all the churros at Disneyland this summer. 

churros up close from all disney parks
Credit: John & Lisa Merrill / Getty Images

As a teenager, my friends and I set up elaborate scavenger hunts that would involve teams and prizes. We’d drive around our neighborhood late at night, looking for clues, trying to outsmart our friends. I’ve never been able to recreate that type of puzzle in adulthood (I mean, who has the time anymore), but Disneyland is currently holding a grown-up equivalent, with much better prizes—it’s a churro treasure hunt.

Disney is known for taking the churro to new and delicious heights—there’s a carrot cake flavor and a lightsaber version for all you Star Wars fans. The Disney churro obsession has blossomed into what’s being called the Churro Challenge, one of the events taking place during Pixar Fest.

Here’s how to take part: Annual pass holders to the parks can stop any churro stand and pick up a $5 map, which will guide you to every other churro stand in Disneyland. The lemon, cocoa, and “donut-iced” churros are all included on the map, making it easier to find all churros that your heart desires.

Besides getting to sample all those sweet treats—which is it’s own reward—once you finish the Churro Challenge, you’ll be rewarded with a button that displays your triumph. That way you can show the world how you have a sweet tooth, and an appetite, that just can’t be stifled.

Is it truly a challenge to eat such a delicious snack that many times in a row? Well, that is a lot of sugar to handle all at once, but for Disney fanatics, that’s nothing. There are soft serve and cupcakes (of an almost infinite variety) to be had. A treasure hunt for churros is just one of many paths to sweet treats that visitors to Disneyland will embark on during their stay.

Pixar Fest, by the way, ends in September, but the Churro Challenge wraps up on June 8, which means you only have a few more weeks to partake. So get out there and start hunting.