The helpful pamphlet even notes which items are specifically vegan.

Ronald McDonald might not be ready to jump on the plant-based burger bandwagon, but an even more iconic character is totally on board: Mickey Mouse. In February, PETA named Disneyland “America’s Most Vegan-Friendly Amusement Park,” putting together a handy A-to-Z guide of meatless options in the process. Now, Disney has decided to take the reins on pointing out vegan options itself, at least at its Magic Kingdom in Orlando. As a number of Disney-themed blogs have pointed out in the past few days, the park is now offering a “Disney Plant Based Cuisine - Spring 2019” guide.

The new pamphlet, which is broken down by “land,” lists the meat-free options for each restaurant, along with a special green leaf icon highlighting dishes that do “not contain animal meat, dairy, eggs, or honey.” The five-panel guide also includes other details like whether the restaurants are quick-service or table-service and whether certain items are only available for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Some selections even contain additional ingredient notes. “Spring into our delicious assortment of meatless menu options!” the front proclaims.

The tri-fold pamphlets can reportedly be picked up any restaurant, as well as at Guest Experience Team kiosks, Guest Relations locations, or the Liberty Square Ticket Office, according to the blog WDW Info. Meanwhile, the site Disney Food Blog actually has some pics of the new tri-fold pamphlet in action at the park, and also points out that since this apparently first-edition is labeled Spring 2019, we should hopefully “expect to see new editions accordingly.”

Credit: Brazil Photo Press/Getty Images

Finally, the color-coded guide also makes it easy to quickly determine which “land” is the most vegetarian-friendly. Ironically enough, it looks like Fantasyland is the best bet for people looking for plant-based eats — despite the fact making it easier for people to avoid eating meat appears to be America’s new reality.