Credit: © Mark Ashman / Disney

Is there something missing from your meal? Perhaps The Force? Disney’s Hollywood Studios is getting a new Star Wars pop-up restaurant loaded with very pun-filled food names and over-the-top marketing gimmicks.

On weekends from May 15 to June 14, the Rebel Hangar will be serving Star Wars-themed food and drinks as a part Disney’s Star Wars Weekends promotion—which I guess is intended to get people psyched for the hundreds of new Star Wars movies we can expect to see over the next two years or so.

According to a post on, “You never know who you’ll find lurking in the abandoned starship hangar—located in a galaxy far, far away. Reports have been made that this location was once a known hangout of Rebel pilots, aliens, bounty hunters and smugglers; with the immersive environment and stellar bites—I understand why!” Yes, that was part of the official post.

But save that eye-rolling until you get to the menu! It features items like Lightsaber Bites, a Trio of Thermal Detonators and Chips & Sith! You’re going to really need to get in touch with The Force to figure out what any of those things are. (Spoiler alert: They’re basically mini corndogs, pork wings and chips and dip.)

With your adult skepticism running high, you’ll probably want to cool off at the bar, where you will have five Star Wars cocktails to choose from as well as the Alderaan Ale—which is somehow still brewing craft beers even after being blown up by the Death Star.