You might not be able to taste the difference. 
disney world food
Credit: Courtesy of Disneyland

Good news for future Disney-goers who don’t eat meat: The theme-park is the latest company to embrace the vegan Impossible Burger, a new meat alternative that actually looks like it's bleeding thanks to the soybean roots it uses to achieve its meat-like texture.

Disney parks are now using the Impossible Burger meat in a ‘no meatball’ meatball sub.

A writer at Foodbeast tried the sandwich for himself at the Paradise Garden Grill inside Disney's California Adventure and concluded that it’s the “closest vegan meat has ever gotten to the real deal.”

Importantly, however: Vegan vacationers shouldn’t celebrate yet. Disney’s version of the meatball sub is vegetarian, not vegan: It’s covered in marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese—two ingredients which might mask the flavor of the fake meat well enough to trick you into thinking it’s the real thing. The faux-meatballs are also made with egg.

If you want to try Disney’s take on the vegetarian meat substitute, the sub is available at California Adventure’s Food & Wine Festival, which runs until April 12. There are plenty of other opportunities to try out the Impossible Burger if you miss it at Disney, though.

Fatburger recently added the Impossible Burger to its menu, while a $75 million investment in the company pretty much ensures it’s continued expansion. Another version of the same idea, the Beyond Burger, has already found a home at TGI Friday’s. Even McDonald’s has realized that more and more people are intrigued by the idea of meatless riffs on classic meat dishes like the burger—the fast food chain is currently testing its own version of the veggie burger.

While some people may think Disney’s ‘no meatball’ sub is a healthier alternative to the sea of churros and rose gold soft serve on offer at the park, it's worth noting that some vegan meat options actually contain more sodium and saturated fat than traditional options. Plus, Disney has covered this particular sandwich in melted cheese. Delicious? Probably. But a healthy respite from the theme park's snack stalls? Probably not.