Disney wants to teach your kids how to cook. 


On Tuesday, Disney announced a new television network aimed at children, and it’s all about food. You probably won’t find many carrot cake churros or rose gold cupcakes on the new network, called Disney Eats, because it’s all about teaching kids to eat well.

Disney Eats will feature shows called “Kitchen Little,” on which kids will learn how to cook with celebrity chefs (maybe that means we have a cameo from Gordon Ramsay to look forward to) and another called “Tiny Kitchen,” where chefs create mini versions of popular Disney-themed foods. Disney Eats will even be diving into the science of food with a program called “Must Be Science.”

Many of the shows featured on the network will focus on a concept called “co-cooking,” meaning that kids will learn how to cook with their parents, and get introduced to the kitchen and hopefully excited about food.

All the programming on Disney Eats will adhere to strict nutritional standards put in place by the Disney Digital Network in 2012, according to a report from CNBC. Still, it wouldn’t be Disney without a healthy helping of sweets. A short preview of the network’s programming reveals that Disney Eats will be cooking up pink cakes in the shape of princess castles and Mickie Mouse cake pops, among other sugary treats—and honestly, there’s nothing wrong with teaching kids to enjoy the more indulgent things in life, especially when baking can provide a strong bonding experience between parents and kids.

As well teaching kids how to cook, Disney Eats will be selling all the kitchen tools you need to get cooking with your family—all Disney-themed of course—which is great news if the kids in your life are obsessed with Mickey and Minnie. Maybe you can tempt your own picky eater into the kitchen with The Little Mermaid pancakes and a Mickey Mouse apron.