Meet the princess while you dine when Rapunzel’s Royal Table opens in early 2018.
new restaurants on the disney magic cruise ship
Credit: Courtesy of Disney Cruise Line / Matt Stroshane

Disney is offering its cruise line guests the chance to dine like royalty at its new on-ship Tangled-themed restaurant.

As Rapunzel surely knows, being a princess has its perks, including but not limited to the smattering of exquisite food and dishes you are regularly treated to. Disney Cruise Line passengers looking to live out their royal dining dreams will have a chance to do just that at its soon-to-open restaurant, Rapunzel’s Royal Table. Debuting March 9, 2018, this new dining experience will transport you and your entire family to Corona, where you’ll be able to celebrate Rapunzel’s birthday, as well as the anniversary of her return to the kingdom.

The first table restaurant with a theme inspired by the 2010 film, the décor will have you feeling like a true member of Corona’s most powerful family and court. Designed to resemble the ballroom of the royal castle, your dining experience will be lit by glowing wish lanterns, as colorful drawings—all of which reflect Rapunzel’s artistic talents—adorn the space around you. The meal will be themed around various elements of the film, and although dishes have yet to be announced, we’re guessing some chocolate chip cookies and Rapunzel’s favorite, hazelnut soup, are on the forthcoming menu.

As you eat, you’ll be treated to different types of live entertainment, including dancing, a merry band of musicians and the mischievous Snuggly Duckling Thugs. You may even catch the princess herself strolling through the ballroom. The royal treatment doesn’t stop there, though. Dining guests will also have the chance to participate in a series of special activities and watch an exciting parade, which will cap off your magical evening in Corona.

Fortunately, you won’t need to lock yourself away in a tower for 18 years to see how Princess Rapunzel dines. You can join this regal feast, after you catch “Tangled: The Musical” of course, on Disney Cruises leaving from Miami, Florida.