The two brands also have a line of "Beauty and the Beast" cookware.
snow white le creuset
Credit: Courtesy of Le Creuset of America

It looks like there are plans to turn every cook in the kitchen into a Disney princess. Disney and Le Creuset have teamed up once again to make your cooking dreams come true with two more limited-edition pieces of cookware.

Slated to go on sale in-stores and online beginning November 17, these princess cocottes are based on the first ever Disney Princess, Snow White, and are being released as part of the 80th-anniversary celebration of the 1937 animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. The French ovens come in two sizes and are both shaped and colored like the juicy apple given to the princess by the jealous Evil Queen. As you would expect, it’s painted in a deep, ombre red and the handle design is in the shape of a stem.

It comes in two sizes, the larger of which is priced at $230 and comes with a very special Snow White-inspired charm and a tea towel. Not to leave anyone out, the smaller version also comes with its own charm and tea towel, but can be purchased for the smaller price of $55.

This isn’t the first time Disney and Le Creuset have joined together to create a magical item for your kitchens. In conjunction with the release of the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast, Le Creuset offered a limited number of blue enamel soup pots based on the Beast’s dress coat, as well as another slightly less limited yellow enamel soup pot based on Belle’s dress with William Sonoma.

This latest Le Creuset and Disney collaboration will be part of a more involved Saks Fifth Avenue celebration event, which will see the high-end department store offer customers the chance to dine with Snow White, Prince Charming, and Dopey. The characters will be featured as part of a dedicated window display in Café SFA, Sak’s on-site restaurant.

You’ll want to make sure you pick up these limited-edition kitchen items if only to prove you are the fairest cook in all the land.