By Noah Kaufman
Updated January 27, 2017
Credit: Barry King

The Happiest Place On Earth has never been the cheapest. A single adult ticket to Disneyland will currently set you back between $95 and $119 depending on what day of the year you want to go (for those of you interested in such things, prices have more than doubled since 2000). That’s a lot of money to almost puke on the tea cups. But the price of an evening at the newly opened Disneyland restaurant, 21 Royal, might be enough to make you a little sick without spinning in circles.

21 Royal, which, by its own description is not so much a restaurant as it is a window into a life Walt Disney never quite got to live, requires interested Disney fanatics to reserve the entire space for a maximum of 12 people at a cost of $15,000. But don’t worry, that also includes tax, tip and park admission.


So far, Jeff Anderson at the ultra luxury lifestyle magazine Robb Report is one of the few people to eat at 21 Royal and he describes the space like this:

He also noted that the sommelier on staff was there not only to recommend wine, but also to regale guests with Disney history (both the park and the man).

No dish garnered a specific mention from Anderson, but that’s because whatever he ate likely wouldn’t be relevant to any of us anyway. The menu at 21 Royal is chosen by the chefs and customized for every party. According to the restaurant’s website, “using your chosen theme for the evening as inspiration, the team thoughtfully weaves together a tapestry of imaginative dishes that combine to tell a tale that is uniquely yours.” Imagine, the 90 minutes you spent waiting in the sweltering California heat for Cars Land commemorated as an hors d’oeurve!

Other highlights according to 21 Royal include a VIP escort to the site, gold-plated dinnerware and dessert on the private balcony.

If all of this is enough to pique your interest and you recently came into a large sum of money selling your collectible Steamboat Willie memorabilia you can get reservation information here.