Playing Coquet
The Asian-influenced Hemisphère collection from Jean Louis Coquet features dramatic plates and a cup called Culbuto; with its rounded base, it wobbles but won't fall down ($70 per cup; other pieces from $40 to $180; 800-993-2580).

Paradise Found
The Puerto Rican island of Vieques has bioluminescent bays, 124 species of birds and roaming herds of friendly horses. Now it also has Martineau Bay, a luxury resort where chef Vladimir Scanu draws inspiration from all around the Caribbean (800-687-6044).

The caramel sauce of your childhood sundaes is all grown up: Stonewall Kitchen's version is flavored with coffee, and La Salamandra's Dulce de Leche Milk Caramel from Argentina is a twist on a favorite Latin American dessert. But for those who want a sauce that's true to its youthful roots, Peanut Butter Classics blends its caramel with good old peanut butter.

Mussel Man
Restaurants like Savarin in Chicago are going wild for the sweet, meaty mussels that fisherman Tollef Olson grows for Great Eastern Mussel Farms. His secret: a pioneering technique for cultivating mollusks on ropes hanging from rafts.

Out of Africa
Ukuva iAfrica exports four traditional African condiments. (The Zulu Fire Sauce is great on chicken.) The extraordinary packaging, designed by artist Joe Mufundi, alludes to the silver necklaces worn by many African women ($14.99 for 16.6 ounces; 888-280-1003).