Plus, the grocery store is introducing 100 new European products to its American outposts.
lidl grocery chain
Credit: Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

By now, you've probably heard of Lidl, a discount grocery store currently sweeping America (the company plans to open at least 100 outposts on the East Coast this year). Known for it's surprisingly elevated alcoholic beverage selection—Lidl's inexpensive Chianti is an award-winner as is its beer inventory—the chain is now hoping to introduce American palates to some decidedly European flavors. In addition to offering 40 percent off European wines during the Discover Europe food festival, the chain will also introduce 100 European products to store shelves. Lidl's buyers scoured stores in France, Italy, and Spain and brought back specialty items that are tough to come by in the states, many for as little as 99 cents.

Lidl is kicking things off on July 12 with items from France and Spain, including $4 trays of ready-to-bake escargot and ingredients for tapas like patatas bravas. In week two of the festival, the grocery store will showcase products from Italy, like Burrata pizza, focaccia, and calamari.

There's so much more to this European food extravaganza, though: In the third (and last) week of Discover Europe, customers will be able to find a select number of specialty items for up to 50 percent off. The sale includes Serrano ham, Dutch Gouda, and German Bratwurst, all for as little as $2.

Plus, from July 12 to July 18, Lidl will host a giant wine sale, offering 40 percent off 15 bottles from its collection of European wines, all of which were selected by the grocery store's Master of Wine, Adam Lapierre. At such deep discounts, some of the bottles will cost around $4.

Lidl's celebration of all things European ends on July 26, so if you've been struggling to put together the perfect dinner party, now you have no excuse.