Now you know what to get the person "who has everything." You're welcome
Credit: Courtesy of Milkmen Design

If you’re wondering what to get your life partner this holiday season, look no further: DipClip is here. It’s a cup holder for fast-food dipping sauces—that’s how it’s been described, at least, and we couldn’t say it better. Intended for in-car use, it clips onto your AC vent to hold your honey mustard sauce or ranch dressing container securely horizontal while you’re driving. (But we should also note: Please don't eat and drive. Pull over first and park, then go wild.)

There have been other similar models on the market: Google “car sauce holder” and be prepared to tumble down a dark, Ebay-shaped hole. This seems to be the first product positioning itself as design-forward and premium, however.

Created by a company called Milkmen Design, it’s already raised $37,000 on Kickstarter—and counting. That’s a lot of possible DipClips preparing to make their way into the world. Currently, they’re being priced at $7.50 each; if you make a donation of $15, you get two. One for you, one for bae.

Among the features distinguishing DipClip from its plebeian competitors are: a “premium-grade” stainless steel clip covered in silicone, engineering-grade ABS plastic (we’re not sure what this means but it sounds durable), and most importantly: a holder that fits sauce packages from all major chains. (Apparently In-N-Out and Chik-fil-A are our national favorites, by the way.) It also comes with a little reusable plastic container that fits into the holder: this is for your ketchup. Genius.

For people who “aren’t into” fast food (what are you, better than the rest of us?): DipClip also markets to the three people who eat sushi in their car. (Or baby carrots and ranch… the possibilities are actually endless.) Pour your soy sauce into the reusable plastic container, stir in your wasabi, and drive very carefully.

We haven’t tried DipClip ourselves, but we imagine that the sauce holder clipping onto the air vent will help distribute tasty food aromas throughout your vehicle. This, in our minds, is a plus.