It's hard to believe that a meal of fried turkey cutlets and dumplings with gravy doesn't register off the fat meter. But it doesn't, because of a few easy cooking techniques. To brown the cutlets, which are coated with toasted fresh bread crumbs, I used just a little oil in a nonstick skillet--a perfect alternative to shallow frying.

When preparing the spaetzle (little dumplings), I replaced almost all of the whole eggs with a mixture of egg white and water. I also stirred fresh herbs into the dough to enhance the taste of the dumplings. And for the gravy that tops both the turkey and the spaetzle, I skimmed all the fat from the chicken stock before adding three kinds of mushrooms for a deep, heady flavor.
Add oven-roasted sliced beets with garlic and lemon to the menu, and you've got a hearty dinner that's ideal for a spring evening.

Each meal of turkey cutlets and spaetzle with mushroom gravy and roasted beets contains less than 8 grams of fat (13 percent of the recommended daily intake).

Grace Parisi is a New York City-based chef, caterer, and food stylist.