Both events are pretty gutsy.
running with the bulls in spain
Credit: Ander Gillenea / Getty Images

Many people would consider participating in Spain’s Running of the Bulls to be the exhilarating thrill of a lifetime. Since 1924, 15 people have died scurrying from the massive horned beasts as they stampede their way down a 930-yeard cobblestone street in Pamplona. But apparently a group of Italian tourists were interesting in another adrenaline rush – running from the police – after they decided to dine and dash on an over $700 bill at a local restaurant.

According to Italy’s The Local, Spanish police were dispatched just after midnight on Friday when a restaurant reported that 15 Italian tourists had failed to pay their €620 bill. The group was apparently in town for the San Fermin festival – which includes the famous Running of the Bulls – that is taking place from July 6 to 14. Most of the party had opted to dine on the special Menu del San Fermin – which at €40 per person may have been more than they bargained for.

The tourists were eventually convinced to pay their bill, and even decided to leave a 10 percent tip due to their “shame and remorse of conscience,” as the police put it. The authorities later tweeted out a photo of the bill which included 15 shots of liquor – possibly giving an indication as to how they got the cojones to try and leave without paying in the first place.

In the end though, I guess these guys could consider themselves lucky. Sure, they were dragged back to the restaurant with their tail between their legs, but at least they didn’t suffer any physical injuries – unlike some other festival attendees. According to the Associated Press, five people have been gorged since the festival started, with plenty others suffering non-horn-related injuries. Maybe it's better to just enjoy a quiet meal instead (and pay for it, of course).