By Aly Walansky
Updated April 22, 2016
You down with M.O.D.?
| Credit: © Macall B. Polay

If you’d rather HBO and munch than Netflix and Chill, one food delivery service will try to have you covered on your return to Westeros this Sunday.

Grubhub’s new Dine In and Feast partnership with HBO Now offers customers a free trial month of HBO Now, even if they do not have a TV package (in fact the deal is only for new customers of HBO), and offers potential food pairings for each of the popular shows you may be enjoying while feasting.

To catch up on Girls, Grubhub may suggest the sorts of cold-pressed juices Marnie definitely paid too much for while for Game of Thrones they will direct to the nearest giant piece of meat.

The project isn’t as major as it may sound though. When you choose a show, Grubhub really just uses some preset filters (“American” food for Veep, “Steak” for Game of Thrones). If you’re looking for a more specific recipes to pair with this weekend’s premieres, you’ll be on your own for that, but if you plan to be too busy binging on TV, this quick and dirty fix with work just fine.