By Clara Olshansky
Updated April 22, 2016
Business Insider

At this crazy, cool dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong, playing with your food is totally acceptable. In fact, it's encouraged. Yum Cha, a restaurant named after a Cantonese style of brunch and tea, serves adorably weird dishes that look like little monsters.

While buns filled with salty egg yolk custard are pretty standard dim sum fare, it's not everywhere that those buns look like creatures vomiting out their own filling. At Yum Cha, if you poke one of these monsters with your chopstick, they'll throw up for you.

These Yum Cha buns come in multiple colors. The orange-yellow ones are colored with carrot juice. The green little monsters are made with matcha powder. And if you really want to get into the silliness and the grossness, try poking on its bottom and making it poop.

The restaurant told Business Insider, "We wanted to modernize the presentation of Chinese dim sum to ignite people's visual senses and attract younger generation to dine out with their grannies." While the scatological nature of Yum Cha's buns may not appeal to every grandma out there, it's hard to imagine a child that wouldn't be totally delighted by these delightfully weird buns.

After all, while there's something a little unsettling about seeing these food creatures' eyes bulge out and their insides come spewing forth, it must be pretty great for a kid to be told, "Go ahead and play with your food in the most disgusting ways possible."